Foodiepenpals: My first parcel reveal!

This month I joined the Foodiepenpals for the first time. I already can’t remember how I found this community, but the idea is just great! Every month you get assigned two persons, from one of them you will recieve a parcel and to the other you will send one. For more detailed information just visit!

My penpals were both from Lithuania, which made me happy as I really know nothing about this country. I already had the chance to visit Estonia last year, which fascinated me with an medieval oldtown much better preserved than those here in Austria.

So in this post I will share my parcel from Lithuania with you. The thing I was most happy with is a dough with which special dumplings are made. I haven’t tried it yet, but I will try to think out some recipe with them and share it on my blog!
Apart from this dough I got some spices (dill and caraway), candies, tea and even socks !!! So my first experience with foodiepenpals was a very good one and I will definitly stay in this community!

It seemed that the police was pretty interested in my package as everything was opened and the parcel itself didn’t look like on the picture I got from Monika when she sent it. I didn’t even know that parcels within the European Union are controlled!? Propably they were pretty unsatisfied when they saw the content and didn’t get anything but a feeling of hunger 🙂 (I hope they didn’t steel something of my candies)!

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